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The best reason to buy a Bumbleride stroller is that the company gives a 1 year WARRANTY FOR INNER TUBES AND TIRES!!!. This means that if you get a flat, just write the company and they will send you a new inner tube and/or tire for free. You probably don’t want to wait for that, but equally Bumbleride does not want to have problems so their warranty is a strong statement that their inner tubes and tires don’t get flat.

A more intellectual reason for considering this stroller is that it is the “greenest” stroller we have offered to date. Bumbleride’s new stroller fabrics use a revolutionary dye process to reduce both water and energy consumption. The fabric itself is produced from recycled polyester which originally comes from consumer bottles. With all the care taken, Bumbleride’s strollers generate 67% less CO¬¬ 2 emissions. To have an idea about the importance of this, you may want to watch “Ju Dou” (Red Sorghum in English)a Chinese movie from 1990 starring the glorious Gong Li. The film won both the Cannes festival and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. You will see the tremendous amount of water that goes into dyeing fabrics and the potential pollution problems that could arise. Bumbleride’s dyeing process uses 89% less water during the production process. The fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified ensuring the elimination of harsh chemical substances.

The Bumbleride Indie stroller is 25% lighter than its “active stroller” competitors. We know this because we weighed various strollers with our trusty “Luggage Buddy” designed to weigh luggage when going on a trip. All the strollers were our display models, ready for use by constomers, with wheels, canopies, bumper bars and underseat baskets.

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19 Item(s)