Britax - Safety you can See - Side Impact Protection

Accidents from the side are often difficult to see, but the impact can be immense. So BRITAX developed multiple layers of side impact protection.

20 mph NHTSA Baby Seat Crash Test for: Radian 65

Notice how the crash test dummy's head bypasses the "side impact protection" and hits the wall. You can see how the dummy's head cracks and the dust that comes out of it's head resulting from the impact.

Crocodile Baby Talks Britax Car seats

Britax makes their car seats to their own internal standards, they don’t make them to only meet minimum government standards. There are several features that are built into these car seats that are specifically designed to manage energy to reduce the risk of injury to a child in a car crash.All Britax car seats in the convertible category are designed to be used with infants. So Boulevard, boulevard CS, advocate, all these seats are designed to be used for newborns and they are excellent for that purpose.

Healthy Modern Baby Furniture

Crocodile Baby talks about Tulip and Natarts safe and ecological baby furniture. Take a look for information on the best furniture for your nursery and your baby.

Natart Nursery Furniture Greenguard Certified

Tony, the Owner of Natart Juvenile explains what you need to know when choosing your nursery furniture. Why esthetics aren't the only things to consider, and why it's important to choose a crib that meets all safety criteria, and Greenguard standards. Because even though all cribs are safe, not all cribs are healthy.

Crocodile Baby Talks Strollers

Need Help finding the right stroller for you? Watch this video to help you decide which features are important to you, and which stroller suits your lifestyle

Crocodile Baby Talks Baby Carriers

Have you always wanted to know more about baby carriers? Baby carriers come in many styles from the Sling; which offers a more intimate face to face experience, to the ever popular Baby Bjorn baby carrier which offers more freedom to the on the go parent. watch this video to find out which baby carrier is best for you.

Good Morning America Talks about Off Gasses in the Nursery

Most of us associate air pollution with smokestacks and tailpipes outside. But is the new threat indoor air quality? Watch this story from ABC's Good Morning America to see if Formaldehyde, Benzene, Ethelyne Glycol and other pollutants are making their way into your home through your cribs, changing tables and other decorations.