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“Everything we sell is based on a healthy, modern, organic parenting aesthetic that we have, we think you should buy products to make for healthy babies”  -Read More

Crocodile Baby started in 1999 and since then, we have been promoting the same values as baby gear and nursery furniture evolve.

Our focus is on Organic, Natural, Safe, Elegant, Sustainable and Durable for everything you need for your baby and nursery. This is a philosophical stance – Organic cotton for toys, clothes and mattresses is desirable because your baby chews on the toys and clothes and sleeps on the crib mattress. We want to reduce any and all possibility that he/she is ingesting or breathing chemicals that are not healthy.

Here is a video take on our philosophy.
Natural materials, such as wood rather than plastic for toys or natural rubber rather than foam in mattresses and pacifiers, are better for the baby in our opinion. We pride ourselves in offering the Safest car seats and offering the Safest crib mattresses – we want to get to zero off-gasses in your Healthy Nursery! Some of the cribs and dressers we offer are Greenguard certified.

We look for Elegant design in everything we can, especially for strollers and their accessories. While colour and look are important, a very well-designed stroller or crib/bed will be a pleasure for you for a long time. Sustainable refers to Where did it come from and where is going after we have used it? Where possible, we choose nursery furniture made from wood from Sustainable Forests. We always ask, when you throw it away, where is away? Can we use a product for a really long time or is it biodegradable (we sell the BecoPotty, which becomes a biodegradable planter to be planted in your garden after your child has graduated to a real toilet – how cool is that?)

Durability? If you buy something and a few months later it breaks so you can’t use it, everybody is unhappy. We expect you to use our strollers for as long as 10 years, cribs should become beds or chairs, toys should be passed on to your child’s child.

This dedication to educate, innovate, and create an eco-friendly market makes Crocodile a truly unique baby store.

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