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Ordering Online                       


It is our goal to make buying online easy, convenient, and most of all safe. So, when you buy merchandise from us over the internet, you will be asked to go through to checkout. Here is how the checkout works.

Online Pricing
Please note that the prices quoted on this website are estimates subject to adjustment by Crocodile Baby Store. The prices as shown on this website come from our inventory system at the Crocodile Baby Kitsilano retail store. The prices displayed at the Kitsilano store are the actual prices of all online items. The online system is updated through daily computer manipulation therefore errors may inadvertently occur. Crocodile reserves the right to change prices, taxes, shipping, etc., up until the moment the customer's card is charged.

Purchasing items online

To purchase an item online, first click on the desired item, this will open the detailed product page. At the top or bottom of this page there are drop down menus. From these menus select the colour, style, and quantity of the item you wish to purchase. Then press "Add to cart". A message will appear that the item has been added to your cart. To view your item click "view cart". You can continue shopping and adding items to your cart in this manner. Note that at the top right hand corner of any page there is a tally of the total amount in your cart. click "view cart" or "store checkout" to  make changes to your cart items. Once you have added all your items click "Store checkout" at the top right hand of any page or "view cart". This will take you to your item list page.

Store Checkout:

  1. Review your items, add comments (for example a personalized message for a gift card, or special shipping instructions, store credit information) and then click "continue checkout" to access our secure purchasing process.
  2. If you are logged in to your Crocodile account, your information will automatically be added into the billing and shipping information. If not, add all required information (highlighted by a red bullet point). It is important that this billing information provided matches the billing information of the credit card you wish to provide. Once this is complete. Click "continue".
  3. Now enter shipping information by selecting one of the 3 available options: in store pick-up,  ship to billing address,  or entering a  different shipping address. Once you have selected you will automatically be sent to the next page or click "continue".
  4. Select your delivery option from the scroll down menu. If you have opted to have your item shipped, this is where you chose the type and cost for shipping. You must select a shipping option, otherwise you will be e-mailed, and a shipping charge will be added after your order has been placed. This may lead to delays in shipping your items.
  5. Now enter your credit card information and click "submit". This information will be kept secure. Note: If you have an international credit card (a card from outside of the US or Canada) we will not be able to process your order using this card. Please e-mail us at and we will send you the information for international purchasing.
  6. Your card has not been charged yet. Please verify that the information provided is accurate, to make any changes click "modify". If you are satisfied with the order, click "confirm". Your order has now been placed. You will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation that your order has been placed. Once your order is accepted by our system you will receive another e-mail that your order has been accepted. Now you card has been charged.
If there is any problem with your order you will receive an e-mail from our website management department detailing any problems that may have occurred. *Please note that when your online order has been processed and we have accepted payment, you are only qualified for store credit or exchange on items that you would like to bring back or if you cancel your order. The same policy applies to phone purchases.*

Purchasing items from a registry

To purchase a gift from a friend's registry first find their online registry. At the top left corner of all pages click on "Find a registry" enter your friend's registry number (if known) or first or last name. Click "find registry". A few option may show up, click on your friend's name (should appear in blue). You can now browse their registry.

Click on the items to see detailed descriptions of your friend's choices. Once you have made your selection, return to your friend's registry page. From this page on the left column click "add to cart" in the row of your desired purchase. A message will appear that the item has been added to your cart. It is important to purchase the item off of your friend's registry page and not a product page. If you purchase from a product page, the item will not be automatically removed from your friend's registry.

To view your item click "view cart". You can continue shopping and adding items from your friend's registry in this manner. Note that at the top right hand corner of any page there is a tally of the total amount in your cart. Click "view cart" or "store checkout" to make changes to your cart items. Once you have added all your items click "Store checkout" at the top right hand of any page or "view cart". This will take you to your item list page.

Now follow the checkout instructions listed above. Your item will automatically be removed form your friend's registry and shown as purchased.

Phone Purchases
If you would prefer to place your order over the phone, no problem. Just give us a call at 604-742-CROC (2762) and one of our sales associates will be happy to help you. Phone purchasing is available every day from 10AM to 6PM and on Sundays form 11AM to 5PM.

International Purchasing
We cannot accept VISA or Mastercard for international purchases unless the cards are form the US or Canada. The reason for this is that international banks do not allow us to verify the credit card information. We must verify this information to protect ourselves and our customers from fraudulent purchases. If you would like to order online with us and have an international credit card, please note that we will not be able to verify your card so we cannot accept credit card purchases.

Shipping internationally can be tricky and expensive, we will review shipping costs with you prior to purchasing to help make this process go as smoothly as possible.

What is a Special Order?
Any item that is not a regular stock item is a special order. These mostly include furniture, cribs, gliders, or unique colours of strollers. These items must be paid for in full prior to ordering. Once the items have been paid and ordered, they belong to you and cannot be returned. You will be informed of the estimated order time for your items prior to completing the special order. As soon as the order arrives in store you will be contacted.

Using Store Credit online
To use your store credit online, simply write in the "comments" section of your order that you have a store credit you would like to use. You must provide the store credit holder's name as the billing contact. Complete the regular online ordering process and provide your credit card information. Your card will only be charged if there is a remaining balance after we have used your store credit.

Or, give us a call at 604-742-CROC(2762).

My item is out of stock
If you are browsing our website and have noticed that your item is said to be out of stock this means it is not available for immediate shipping. However, all items on our website, unless discontinued, can be ordered. Please place your item and we will order it in for you. The out of stock notice will give you an estimated date of arrival. These are approximate and general ETAs. For a more accurate quote please feel free to e-mail us at or give us a call at 604-742-CROC(2762).

A Small gesture for a "Grand Impact"

Did you know we use all recycled boxes and wrapping papers when shipping all on line orders? So if you have received a package that wasn't t in the most beautiful box it's because we recycle and expect with this small gesture to contribute to the preservation of our environment. We believe small gestures can make a big difference!    Crocodile Baby Store, Green for a reason.

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