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The Bumbo Floor Seat is a good place to sit your baby and a good place to feed your baby.

The Bumbo Floor Seat is a snug and cozy environment for your baby. This revolutionary infant chair is designed to fit a baby's posture. Babies can sit upright in a Bumbo Floor Seat as soon as they have head control. More importantly, it helps them develop the trunk control they need to sit up on their own. It is recommended by pediatricians, orthopedists, and physical therapists so you know it is good for your baby. In fact, it is so good for your baby that the State of Illinois has approved the Bumbo as a medical device and the Mississippi State Department of Health is providing Bumbos for use by their therapists!

Bumbo Floor Seats are versatile and can be used safely and conveniently anywhere on any solid, level surface. They keep babies safe and comfortable and enable them interact with the rest of the family. The Bumbo is that extra set of hands you have been looking for. It does not require any uncomfortable straps or fasteners. It is designed so that the baby's own body weight keeps baby in place and gives a wonderfully new way to ensure maximum interaction and enjoyable communication with your child.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Floor Seat - Lime
manufacturer Bumbo
Price $74.95