Pregnancy Single Body Bamboo Pillow

Body Pillow

  • Frenew is designed to caress the pregnant body’s natural curves. It provides level support for your back and tummy, so you don’t have to constantly shift and readjust.
  • The perfectly balanced pillow; Frenew aligns your hips to ensure natural joint positioning. It’s perfect for your pregnancy, but can also be used for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, gastric reflux and congestion.
  • Frenew fits behind your neck and offers your head the ultimate support, which allows you to breath easily in comfort.

Nursing & Baby Support Pillow

  • After pregnancy, Frenew can be used as a nursing cushion, helping you prop up your baby comfortably for feeding time.
  • Adjustable strings allow you to perfectly adjust the tension and size of the pillow, for a comfortable rest every time!
  • As the baby grows, you can use the pillow to help the child sit up, while supporting them all around their body.

Ultimate Comfort

  • Frenew is made of soft & breathable rayon (in other words: bamboo!) and is ultra fresh ultra plush, and brings the most comfort possible!
  • We’re committed to bringing you the best sleep you’ve ever had, which is crucial to your well-being and your baby’s development!
  • Frenew has an easy-to-remove zippered cover, which is a breeze to wash. View our Care & Notice section for specific instructions on how to care for your Frenew pillow.


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Product Description


Soon-to-be mommies can sleep soundly and comfortably with Frenew’s adjustable Pregnancy Single Body Bamboo Pillow! It is only available at Crocodile Baby Stores!

This ultra soft and comfortable pillow is made from the finest Rayon and shaped for total body comfort. It helps support the tummy, back, hips and legs through various positions. It can even be used after pregnancy as a gentle support for nursing and cuddling time.

The cover is zippered for easy removal and can be washed with like colors.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Pregnancy Single Body Bamboo Pillow
manufacturer Frenew
Price $129.99