Monte Design

Monte Design

Monte Design Group was established in 2005 by designers Ralph and Michelle Montemurro. For over a decade Monte has become a recognized manufacturer of Canadian-made high-quality nursery furniture - from gliders and rockers to beds. Their commitment to sustainability and high-quality craftsmanship is what makes Monte stand out among their competitors.

Monte's nursery furniture features an ergonomic and simple design that makes it exceptionally comfortable and stylish. Their belief is that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

Monte Design is mindful of the materials used for the construction of their products. All the materials used are healthy, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. For example, their gliders and rockers are filled with a foam that is locally manufactured in part from natural seed-based oils such as soybean and is free of any harmful flame retardant chemicals. Keeping your home free of chemicals such as flame or fire retardants is a top priority for Monte Design Group.

Their gliders and rockers, such as the Monte Design Group Joya Rocker, Monte Design Group Grano Glider, Monte Design Group Grazia Glider, and Monte Design Group Jackson Rocker, make a lovely addition to your home and can be enjoyed by any member of the family!

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