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Child Labour Policies from Crocodile Suppliers 

Crocodile Baby is pleased to have been chosen by World Vision as a site for their event on World Day Against Child Labour. Crocodile Baby has long sought to source suppliers of ethical organic and sustainable products that help in raising healthy and safe babies. As part of this special event, we have asked a large number of our suppliers for their policies regarding child labour. Many have responded with their statements and we include them below. Some have advised us informally that while they have no legal document stating their own policy, they have signed Compliance documents with large national retailers that specifically prohibit the use of child labour by its suppliers. In addition, many of our suppliers manufacture and source their materials in Canada and the USA, where there is a higher standard for labour practices. We will continue to monitor all suppliers on this issue, as well as issues related to the environment, fair treatment of women, and respect for local laws.

Here are specific suppliers’ statements on Child Labour


Silkberry baby products are all manufactured in a sweatshop-free factory. No child labor is allowed. Our factory offers workers a safe working environment and reasonable wages. Factory has been awarded the quality management system certificate for its compliance with the standard ISO 9001; it has also been awarded the WRAP certificate for worldwide responsible and accredited production.

Our mission is to design and promote natural baby products with eco- conscious parents in mind; and to be socially and ecologically responsible in all aspects of the business;

Silkberry Baby believes natural fiber and eco sustainable fabric is the best choice for our baby’s sensitive skin. We promote to make a green living choice.


Our factories are ISO 9001 certified and comply with fair labor regulations regarding hourly wage, hours worked, employee age verification and working conditions.


It is important to our customers that our products are designed and made locally. As a triple bottom line company, it is important that our products are made ethically, and only when not possible to be made locally, made in China. Our first priority when seeking overseas suppliers was to ensure that no child labour is involved in the manufacturing of our products, followed by a clean and safe working environment for fairly paid employees.  We deal with our China supplier face to face in Vancouver, who visits the factories in China 3-5 times per year to ensure quality without compromise. We are regularly invited to visit, which we see as a good sign (and we will visit hopefully in the near future).


At KicKee Pants we believe in celebrating the innocence of childhood, and as such we only work with factories that are committed to providing an ethical work environment for all employees and that do not hire under age workers or engage in any form of child labor. 


Social Responsibility Code of Vendor Conduct

Kushies Baby strives to ensure that our business relationships are conducted in a professional and ethical manner at all times.  

This code of vendor conduct applies to all business partners that produce goods for Kushies Baby or any of its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, or agents.  While we recognize the many legal and cultural environments throughout the world, this code sets forth the basic requirements that our business partners must meet in order to do business with us.

Health and Safety: Our business partners must provide a safe and healthy workplace that complies with all applicable local and international laws governing workplace health and safety.   Workers must be provided with a clean, safe, and healthy work environment.  Business partners who provide residential facilities for their workers must also provide safe and healthy residential facilities in compliance with these standards.

Forced Labor: Our business partners must not use forced, compulsory, or prison labor.

Child Labor: Our business partners must comply with all applicable child labor laws.  We define child labor as either being below the local minimum working age, or the age of 14, whichever is greater.  Workers under the age of 18 shall not perform duties that may jeopardize their health or safety. 

Discrimination: Our business partners must not discriminate in employment practices including recruitment, hiring, compensation, training, benefits, advancement, termination or retirement on the basis of race, color, ancestry, gender, martial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, political opinion or any other personal characteristic or belief. 

Hours of Work: Our business partners must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards relating to hours of work, with exception of compensated overtime in compliance with local laws.

Harassment and Abuse: Our business partners must treat workers with respect and dignity and must not utilize corporal punishment or any other type of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse against their employees. 

Wage and Benefits: Our business partners must provide wages and benefits in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  We encourage our business partners to commit to the betterment of wage and benefit levels that address the basic needs of workers and their families.

Environmental Standards: Our business partners must adhere to all applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations regarding the protection and preservation of the environment.

Laws and Regulations: Our business partners must comply with all applicable local, national, and international laws, standards, and regulations relevant to the conduct of their business.

Monitoring and Compliance: Kushies Baby reserves the right to conduct announced and unannounced inspections of all manufacturing facilities.  Business partners should ensure that the requirements in this code are understood and implemented at every level, and must maintain all documentation necessary to compliance with the Kushies Baby code of conduct.  Business partners must allow representatives of Kushies Baby full access to facilities, documents, and workers.  Business partners must submit an improvement plan to address any issues of noncompliance that may be found during inspections.  Kushies Baby reserves the right to terminate its business relationship with any business partner who is unwilling or unable to comply with the regulations set forth herein.


Since our beginnings as one of the very first baby lines in North America to use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, Parade has grown into a boutique brand dedicated to bringing you the finest quality organic baby clothes on the market. We care about and are involved in every detail of every piece - our line is produced fair trade in India, where organic cotton farming has been a tradition for over 4000 years. 

We are committed to sustainability, recycling, non-chemical alternatives and practicing fair trade. Our manufacturing is all done with a ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Control Union (previously SKAL International) under the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and EKO Sustainable Textile Standards CU804777. 

Under GOTS certification, our manufacturing is required to maintain the following minimum Social criteria :

  • Employment is Freely Chosen
  • Freedom of Association and right to collective bargaining
  • Working Conditions are safe and hygienic
  • Child labor is not used
  • Living wages are paid
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • No Discrimination is practiced
  • Regular Employment provided
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed


Parade Organics visits production facilities bi-annually and oversees first hand these standards.  Fair pricing is always our priority to assure the above conditions can be met, unlike many situations where price gouging by manufacturers creates unsafe and unjust working environments.
ph/fax: 1.888.687.7163


Britax complies with the International Labour Organization’s C138 – Minimum Age Convention, 1973


Clek strives to keep children safe and happy in vehicles everywhere. World-wide we share the responsibility for children's health, welfare and freedom. Child labour is a despicable practice that we stand firmly against.

All of Clek's assembly facilities are located in North America where child labour laws are strictly observed and enforced. Outside of North America our suppliers are carefully vetted and we personally visit their factories to ensure a safe and healthy environment, and fair labour practices.


Stokke work for ethical trading

Ethical trade is the sum of efforts companies make to ensure that the goods they purchase are produced in accordance with internationally recognized standards relating to working conditions and environmental considerations. Since 2006, Stokke has been a member of Ethical Trading Initiative Norway (IEH) and we are performing a structured work for ethical trading.

IEH is a resource centre and an advocate for ethical trade practices. They are formally independent of, but cooperate closely with likeminded national and international organizations and local experts in many producer countries. Their objective is cooperation on trade which promotes human rights, worker’ rights, development and environmental standards. 

Stokke Code of Conduct

As part of the membership, Stokke is committed to work actively to achieve IEH’s objective of promoting and cooperating on trade which protects human rights, worker’s rights, development and the environment. In 2006, Stokke adopted a Code of Conduct according to the IEH guidelines. All Stokke suppliers must also sign and adopt the Stokke Code of Conduct.

The Stokke Code of Conduct includes Stokke’s requirements regarding Child labor, Forced labor, Working hours and salary, Health, safety and working conditions, Disciplinary practice, Prohibition of discrimination, Freedom of association and the right to bargain collectively, Recognized employment relationships and employment contracts, Protection of the environment, Consideration for marginalized populations, Corruption, and following up by Management

Being a member of IEH means a responsibility for tackling challenges in the supply chain and reporting openly on the status and progress of efforts. Annually, Stokke report to IEH on concrete goals and activities, and on progress of and results achieved. The report is made publicly available. 

Statement from our CEO, Tomas Settevik

As part of the ethical trade annual report for 2012, Tomas Settevik stated the following in the foreword of the report:At Stokke we are focused at acting in the best interest for children. Not only through our products, and what they can contribute with regards to the wellbeing of children, but by having a general approach to what we can do to keep children and adults safe. For us participating in IEH is therefore a natural consequence and a conscientious choice, and our employees are advised and aware of the objectives we as a company have set for ourselves.

Creating an environment which has reflected on ethical trade is important to us, given that we can be one of many companies that can positively influence the work environments in countries where there is still in existence dangerous and hazardous work environments for children, and adults. We believe it is important to be actively involved in the initiative and to participate, through our rigorous selection of suppliers, in securing that there is good ethical trade practices applied at our trading partners. However, we also recognize that some of our sub suppliers may not always be available to be audited directly by us hence we must trust our partners to be as rigid in their evaluations as we are. In this respect there is a challenge to ensure that we have managed to transfer our perspectives related to ethical trade in general. In so far as we can understand, we have communicated this well and our partners understand and respect our position on ethical trading standards.

 Stokke’s main objectives in dealing with our present and future suppliers are to be as close as possible through our own quality assurance and control resources. We operate regular inspections and audits with the suppliers, and in selecting new partners, we have a standard operating procedure that involves key stakeholders; sourcing, purchasing, supply chain and quality assurance. All of which have good understanding and insight in how we at Stokke want to operate with regards to ethical trade.

 We will continue to invest in resources that will maintain, control and develop our partners with respect to ethical trade, and at the same time uphold the quality and safety related to our unique products. Stokke will always strive to act in the best interest of the child.


At Monte we are committed to developing our products in a safe environment where workers are paid a living wage. We work with companies that share our commitment to preventing the hiring of underage workers, and prohibiting discriminatory policies in the workplace.

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